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How to check credit on orange

how to check credit on orange

Mobile FAQs

Your SIM card allows your phone to communicate with a mobile network. Your mobile phone number is integrated on your SIM card.

Your SIM card is covered by a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN). This original PIN has to be entered to activate your phone when you insert your SIM card on your phone. You will find your PIN on your starter pack.

Other info:

To keep your SIM card secure, you can leave the PIN identification request "on". This PIN can be changed occasionally as well.

You will also get a PUK code ( PIN Unblocking Key) at the time you receive your SIM card. (see question 12)

Please keep the original PIN and PUK codes in a secure place. You will need your original PIN for authentication purposes when you register to a service (my mobile account). You will need the PUK to unblock your SIM in case of accidental SIM lock.

After 3 unsuccessful PIN code

entries, your SIM card is automatically blocked for security reasons.

You can unblock it by using your 8-digit PUK( PIN Unblocking Key). Refer to your phone user guide on how to unlock your phone using your PUK.

It is important that you enter the PUK correctly. If a wrong PUK is entered 10 times, your Orange Prepay SIM card will be permanently blocked to protect your account. You will have to purchase a new Starter Pack with a new phone number if this happens.

If you have forgotten your PUK code please call us on 8900. We will authenticate you with your original PIN code before giving you your PUK code.

  • Charge your mobile phone.
  • Insert your SIM card as instructed in your phone's user guide
  • Switch on your phone and enter your PIN number when requested. You can find your PIN on your starter pack.
  • Call 124.
  • Press 2 to obtain your mobile phone number.

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