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How to choose a Credit Counselor

how to choose a credit counselor

Choosing a credit counselor is a serious matter that requires serious standards.

When choosing a counselor, consider these important factors:

  • Are they experienced
  • Do they provide customer-focused service
  • Are there convenient payment options and account access
  • Do they offer resources to help you manage your money and remain debt free

Be sure to address all of these issues when choosing a credit counselor.

Choosing a Credit Counseling Agency with Experience

Choose a credit counseling agency that has over 10 years of experience.

Credit counselors are dedicated to the customer success. When you enroll with a reputable credit counseling agency, you'll get help in these 5 important areas.

1) Interest and Payment Reduction. The credit counseling agencies that provide CareOne services negotiate with your creditors for better repayment terms, including lower interest rates and waived late fees.

2) Help to pay off your debt faster. By creating a practical and manageable payment strategy, you'll be able to pay off your debt in as few as 3 to 5 years (as compared to potentially 20 to 30 years) Your Credit Counselor offers an industry-leading debt management program. Credit and debt counseling help people become, and continue to live debt-free. Credit counseling can help you develop proper credit management skills.

Credit counselors are required to be customer-focused, honest, and committed to providing all of support and guidance the client needs.

3) Help make it easier to pay every month. By consolidating all your credit card and other unsecured debt payments into one, you won't have to juggle multiple payments.

4) Help you learn to avoid future financial trouble. Once you start to pay down your debt, you'll feel a real change in the way you look at and use money. You'll also learn tips, tricks and techniques to help you better manage all of your finances. Information and education are big parts of the service you'll receive.

5) Help you get the service you deserve. Perhaps most important of all is the fact that your credit counselor will always treat

you with respect, care and compassion. When you get treated well - you feel well.

Reputable Credit Counseling Agencies should:

  • Meet strict standards for the highest level of customer care
  • Offer 24-hour access to account information, 7 days a week
  • Offer the option to pay electronically
  • Provide monthly statements
  • Provide ongoing support and counseling
  • Be committed to respecting the privacy of their clients

    Debt doesn't have to control your life.

    Personal Success Stories

    These are just a few of the many success stories.

  • This message is in regards to the outstanding customer service and support I have received since starting your program a year ago. Your staff is ALWAYS courteous, knowledgeable and helpful and your technical support is the best I've ever seen. I am truly impressed with everything I've encountered within your organization and will recommend your services again and again. Thank you for a job well done, it has not gone unnoticed." -Meredith M. Fairfield, CA
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service! It's great knowing that my debt is going down and I have people who 'know their stuff' helping me. I thought this would be hard to do from overseas. Once again, you are making my life run more smoothly every dollar my debt goes down!

    "Without this service over the past few years we would still be drowning in debt. After a few more months we should be completely debt free! We have actually been able to open a savings account as well and will continue to save instead of spend! Life looks darn good from where we are sitting now!"

    -Sharyn L. Serving Overseas

  • "Needless to say your program has enabled me to become debt free, years sooner than I could ever possibly imagine! Avoiding bankruptcy and entering the program (after a long divorce process) has allowed me to once again gain my self-esteem and independence. Many thanks with high regards!"

    -Edward M. Philadelphia, PA

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