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Increase your credit limit

how can i increase my credit limit

From time to time, you may need more headroom with your credit limit on your card. For example, you may be travelling overseas. need to make that large purchase or want to avoid being charged Over Limit fees.

Easy ways to apply

After your account has been opened for 6 months, you can choose to apply for an increase to your credit limit on your card. To be eligible to apply for a St.George credit card limit increase you must be the primary or joint cardholder, not an additional cardholder, and must not have requested a credit card limit increase in the last 6 months. You must also meet our credit criteria to be approved for a credit limit increase.

Written Credit Limit Increase Invitations

If you are the account owner of a St.George personal credit card, we'd like to send you written invitations to apply for an increased credit limit from time to

time. From 1 July 2012 we will no longer be able to do this unless we have your consent.

Provide your consent by calling 1300 307 080 or by contacting your Relationship Manager. You can provide or withdraw your consent at any time.

Information you'll need to complete your application

  • Driver license number, if you have one, for yourself and each applicant
  • Details of weekly income before tax for each applicant
  • Details of your assets, savings or investments
  • The repayment amounts and balances owing on any liabilities (including credit cards, store accounts, etc.)
  • If you are self-employed you will also need recent tax information.

Final approval depends on

  • Your ability to meet St.George's normal credit assessment criteria and to provide St.George with any further information required.
  • Satisfactory transaction history on your credit card, account and other accounts held with us.

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