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How can i join a credit union

how can i join a credit union

Become a Member-Owner of AA Credit Union

American Airlines Federal Credit Union is open to anyone working in the Air Transportation Industry and their families. From our start in 1936, when a small group of American Airlines employees formed a financial institution dedicated to helping their colleagues, we’ve grown into a strong, nationwide resource for all Air Transportation Industry* employees.

You can apply for membership as early as your first day of Air Transportation employment or any time afterward. You can then open up a savings account with a $5 share deposit, and a one-time $1 membership fee.

Through our online application interface you can join American Airlines Credit Union with a few clicks of your

mouse and become a member-owner in less than 10 minutes.

Download, print, and complete our New Member Application, then mail it into us, or visit any AA Credit Union branch location.

Through our online application interface, you can open an American Airlines Credit Union account for your children.

Click the link above and then select the “Open a Youth Account” yellow button on the left-hand side of the page.

* Air Transportation Industry does not include employees of retail shops, restaurants, travel agencies, hotels, taxicab services, car rental companies, airplane manufacturers; employees primarily engaged in ground transportation of freight (other than freight forwarding for air transportation), defense services companies, or employees of defense product manufacturers.

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