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how to claim carbon credits

posted 2012-Apr-3, 2:06 pm


I have a small property (30 acres), more than half of which is being re-afforested with plantings and natural regeneration.


posted 2012-Apr-3, 5:36 pm (edited 2012-Apr-4, 7:03 pm)

Ah, the government opens up another door for fraud to occur, then will close the "loophole" once the horse has bolted. History always repeats itself.

makes you wonder about he Liberal policy that is so dependent on soil carbon.

BTW if you reforest a currently cleared paddock, and get carbon credits for it, does that mean that later on you will have to buy the carbon credits back at the then current price? [edit: if you then earnt to clear it again?] [how is that enforced a caveat on the land?]

If you have

a farm with some paddocks and some uncleared land. can you reforest the paddocks (get credits) and clear the old forest and as you never got credits for that bit.

If you cant do that how far at arms length do you have to get the uncleared land before you can? Could you just transfer that land into your wife or sons name and play clearing and replanting merry go round for ever?

I see loopholes and fraud and hence a great big bureaucracy all over all such policies.

but hey it is the free enterprise market economics way, if one or both political parties are going to insist on implementing such holey schemes to avoid political backlashes then who am I to suggest you should not exploit commercial opportunities (loopholes) as they arise.

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