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How much car can I afford?

how can i lease a car

Calculate your ideal price range for buying a car

1 Zip Code

  1. Zip Code (for rates and pricing in your area) Update

2 Financing

  1. Your Target Monthly Payment ?
  2. Loan Term (months) Market Finance Rate ?

3 Trade-In and Down Payment

    Select a vehicle for your Trade-In to receive the most accurate calculation. Select Trade-In
    1. Specify New Used
    2. Model Year
    3. Vehicle Make
    4. Vehicle Model
    5. Style Update Vehicle Reset
  1. Value of Your Trade-In ?
  2. Amount Owed on Your Trade-In ?
  3. Cash Down Payment ?


  1. Total Down Payment (with net trade-in)
  2. Sticker Price Range
  3. Maximum TMV ® Price (Don't pay more than this amount)

Next Steps

Research and Price Vehicles You Can Afford

About Affordability Calculator


estimates are based on standard industry data, but the values that apply to your purchase may vary. When available, please use the information provided to you by your dealer and lender.

Your target monthly payment includes the sales tax, title and registration fees that would be added to your total loan. The estimated sticker price range does not include optional items like extended warranties. Since many cars can be purchased at a discount from the MSRP or sticker price, we provide a price range.

Your Estimated Price Range is our estimate of the sticker price (i.e. MSRP) of the car you can afford based on the information entered into the calculator. In calculating this, we take into account that you will also need to pay estimated sales tax, title and registration costs.

Edmunds can provide the exact True Market Value price you should pay for a car when you configure a New, Certified or Used car using our site.

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