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How to claim family tax benefit

how to claim family tax benefit

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If you married during the year you may be eligible to claim a reduction in Medicare based on your income. You will need to know the income of your spouse before and after marriage. If your spouse has earned income during the year, they will also have to lodge their own tax return. On both of your returns you will be required to disclose information about the other partner so that any entitlements you may have to certain family tax benefits can be calculated correctly.

From 1 July 2014 the dependent spouse rebate has been abolished for all taxpayers. Some taxpayers may be eligible for the Invalid and Invalid Carer Tax Offset. If your spouse is genuinely unable to work because they are an invalid or they care for an

invalid you might qualify for the Invalid and invalid Carer Tax Offset. The invalid must be in receipts of a Government disability payment to qualify.

Please contact H&R Block on 13 23 25 to speak with a tax expert to find out whether you are affected or not.

Families receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A receive a payment of up to $422 for each child in primary school, and up to $842 for each child in secondary school. The Schoolkids Bonus is automatically paid to eligible families (ie those receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A) in two separate instalments each year— half in January and half in July. The Schoolkids Bonus is paid automatically and upfront meaning eligible taxpayers don’t need to keep receipts for education expenses or make a separate claim.

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