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How to claim indian benefits

how to claim indian benefits

Things You'll Need

Adoption decree (if you were adopted)


Conduct genealogical research. To acquire native American status, you will need to trace your lineage up to your great-great grandparents on both sides and determine to which tribe you belong. You will need tribal roll records for all your ancestors. Genealogical research sites which may prove helpful are: Native American Online, BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and Access Genealogy.

Document your ancestry up to your great-great grandparents on both sides. If they had CDIB-cards, you will need their CDIB roll numbers. Obtain certified birth or death certificates for every person in your lineage.

If you are adopted, you have to trace your American native blood through your natural parents and provide

a state certified copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your adoption decree stating the names of your birth parents.

Determine which tribe your ancestors belonged to, and whether the tribe is a federally recognized native American tribe. The Bureau of Indian Affairs published a "Tribal Leaders Directory" which lists all the federally recognized American native tribes and their contact information.

Contact the tribe and inquire about the criteria for membership. Tribal governments have different methods to determine membership. Some will require blood quantum tests to prove you belong to their specific tribe.

Apply for tribe membership and a CDIB card. Complete application forms specified by the tribe and submit all the documentation required to prove your native American status.

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