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how to claim maternity benefits

In order to receive benefits from the Company Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (SUB Plan), you must meet certain requirements. The following information describes the claims process.

How do I claim SUB Plan benefits?

Non-Quebec Residents:

  • If you are eligible to receive maternity leave benefits, you receive 15 weeks of maternity leave benefits from Employment Insurance (EI) after a two-week waiting period.

Quebec Residents:

  • If you are eligible to receive maternity leave benefits, the payment of the maternity leave benefits is dependent on whether you chose the basic or Special Plan under the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan(QPIP). There is no two-week waiting period under QPIP.

In order for the Benefits Department to determine your benefit from the SUB Plan, you must send to the Benefits Department a copy of the documentation you receive from EI/QPIP, which shows

  • receipt of the first EI/QPIP cheque stub/statement indicating the amount of payment and the period of the benefit, or
  • disqualification for EI/QPIP maternity benefits due to insufficient weeks of insurable employment. (You are not eligible for SUB Plan in this case.)

Once they receive this proof, the Benefits Department calculates the benefits owing to you from the Company SUB Plan,

less any cost or premiums owing for Company benefits if you have chosen to have these costs deducted from your SUB Plan payments. Any applicable federal and provincial income taxes and Canada/Quebec Pension Plan contributions will also be deducted.

Once you receive the remaining cheque stubs/statements for the entire six-week period, you should send originals or copies of all the stubs/statements to the Benefits Department.

How do I claim for SUB Plan benefits beyond Week 6?

To claim for benefits past the initial six-week period, you must send medical proof of a pregnancy-related disability to the Benefits Department. The SUB Plan benefit will be calculated to the date that you would have been no longer considered disabled due to a pregnancy-related condition and not the expected date of return from maternity leave.

For more information on maternity benefits and EI, check the Human Resource and Social Development Canada website at or the Canada Service website at For more information about maternity benefits and QPIP check the QPIP website at

How are the benefits paid?

The benefits are paid to you by direct deposit on the next available pay cycle. The Benefits Department will mail the pay advice to your home address with a letter explaining the benefit deductions.

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