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  • I have information about someone who is collecting unemployment insurance benefits and working for cash on the side. Who do I contact to report the fraud?

Individuals who have information that someone is defrauding one of EDD's programs, such as Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance or Tax, should:

  • Call the Fraud Tip Hot Line at 800-229-6297
  • Use our online Fraud Reporting form .
  • How are fraudulent claims prevented?

The EDD and employers work together to prevent fraudulent claims.

When an individual files a UI claim, we ask for several identifying pieces of data.

In addition, employers assist EDD in identifying whether the individual filing the claim is the correct individual. We notify the last employer, former employers and current employers when a claim is filed.

The following documents help us prevent fraudulent claims:

  • Notice of Claim Filed. DE 1101CZ is sent to the last employer when a UI claim is filed.
  • Notice of Wages Used for Unemployment Insurance Claim. DE 1545 is sent to base period employers when benefits are paid.
  • Benefit Audit. DE 1296B is sent to an employer who reports wages for a social security account number during the

    same calendar quarter that UI benefits were paid under that social security account number.

UI benefits are taxable and we report the amount of benefits paid to the Internal Revenue Service. This is an additional safeguard.

Review Benefit Audit Information to find out more about the benefit audit process.

  • Why did I receive a Request for Identity Verification, DE 1326C?

This notice was sent because the Department has:

  • been unable to verify your identity using the information you provided when you filed your UI claim, or
  • received information that your identity may have been compromised

As a result, further identifying documents are required. Whenever there is a question of correct identity, the Department requires identifying documents to ensure benefits are paid only to those who are legally entitled to receive them.

When EDD receives information that an identity theft has occurred, we flag the social security number used to file a UI claim. If anyone attempts to use that social security number again, the Department will request additional identifying information from the individual filing the claim. If the true owner of the social security number is not the individual filing the claim, we determine the true owner and deny a claim to the imposter.

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