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How to Read Tax Returns & Close More Loans – 2014 & 2013 Versions (CD Replay)

how to close more loans

Product Description

(Featuring: David Kuiper)

Running Time: 55 Minutes (2014 edition); 75 Minutes (2013 edition)

Knowing how to get the most income from interpreting tax returns is a critical skill in being a successful loan originator. And most underwriters require a 2-year history! That’s why we are offering both the 2013 and 2012 versions for one low price. And, yes, there are subtle differences between the two versions.

After reviewing both of these classes, you’ll not only understand the income that can be used to qualify your clients, but also know how to explain it to your processor and underwriter. Remember, not only do you need to know this for your self-employed clients, but clients who are paid commission income, own rental properties or any other source of income not normally listed on a W-2 Form.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to create a cash-flow analysis profile
  • What income you

    CAN include

  • What needs to be deducted from income
  • Review of every tax schedule that the IRS offers
  • Review of Partnerships, LLCs & Corporate Tax Returns
  • Tips on how to connect with CPAs and Financial Planners
  • Downloads included:
    • All blank IRS forms
    • Cash-flow Analysis Worksheet
    • Narrative of Cash-Flow Analysis
    • Class Slides for note-taking purposes

Bonus: Download and print all tax returns so you can easily follow David as he explains each form and each timeline, what you can add to income and what you have to subtract.

What is a CD Replay?  It’s simply a seminar put onto a CD. The CD is viewed on your computer and contains the video classes, slide handout (for note-taking purposes), transcript of the entire class and all downloads associated with the class (tax forms, cash-flow analysis, narrative or cash-flow analysis).

Price includes shipping.

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