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How to contact credit bureau

how to contact credit bureau

Contact Credit Bureaus

Erin Said:

We Answered:

The collection agencies will update and report the debts as paid. This should show up within the next 60 days, depending on when the collection agency next updates to the credit bureaus.

Wait 3 or 4 months before you check your credit report to make sure the debts show paid. If they don't at that time, you can send a dispute to the credit bureau indicating that the debts are paid.

Erika Said:

how do i get in contact with the credit bureaus

We Answered:

Good luck with that. Talking to someone at the bureau wouldn't do you much good anyway.

The only way to effect changes or corrections to your reports is to put your disputes in writing. Do not use the online dispute forms and do not use the forms that they will mail you. These forms are designed to make their job easier and do not protect your rights. Write your own letters.

You can fix your credit yourself. if you have the time and determination. The first link below will provide sample letters that you can use. If you find that you don't have the time, inclination, or ability to fight this battle on your own, the second link will put you in touch with the National Consumer Rights Alliance. They fix their members' credit reports for free, so I would start there.

Good luck!

Susan Said:

Do credit bureaus contact creditors when you provide proof of an account being paid?

We Answered:


the creditors supply the information to the credit bureaus. Please note just because you paid it off does not mean it comes off your credit score. it is just marked as paid, and will remain on there for 7 years, unless you where able to get a written agreement with the collector that they will remove it if it is paid

Beatrice Said:

Debit Validation. Is it better to contact the collection agency directly or the 3 credit bureaus

We Answered:

If these are valid debts, they won't be removed. If you really don't think these are your debts, send a dispute to the credit bureaus.

If that doesn't get them removed, send a certified, return receipt letter to the collection agency requesting validation to include copies of contracts or other documentation that proves the debt is yours. If they fail to respond within 30 days, send another dispute to the credit bureau with a copy of your validation request, indicating that the collector failed to validate.

Julia Said:

how do i contact all 3 credit bureaus about fixing delinquent credit

We Answered:

Good advice so far, below is a link to all the addresses, phones, etc.

I just want to say when you send in the letter to each bureau to include a copy of your identification so they will not delay investigating and correcting this. In your letter put your name, address, social security number and birthdate. If you want you can send it certified mail to make sure they receive it but it is not necessary.

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