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How to create an apple id without credit card

how to create an apple id without credit card

Step 6: Finalizing the account creation

The next window will ask if you'd like to sign up for email updates from Apple. I usually choose not to receive these emails, but you can choose whatever you would like. By default, this option is on. To opt out of these updates, touch the button in the green oval (the oval should turn gray when you've turned it off). When you're done, touch "Next" in the upper right hand corner.

Next you'll be asked to read and agree to Apple Terms and Conditions for this iOS device and iCloud. Feel free to read this information or touch "Agree" in the

lower right hand to move on. (If you choose to "Disagree" with these terms your account creation will be terminated). After you have touched "Agree" another smaller window will pop up and ask you to "Agree" one more time. If you still agree to the terms from the previous window, touch "Agree".

You should notice at the top of the next screen that it is "Creating Account". If you've chosen to "Get a free iCloud email account" to set this up, you'll be asked a few more questions. We'll look at those in the next step.

If you chose to use an existing email address to set up your Apple ID, please skip to step 8.

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