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How to Create a Gold Credit Card

how to create credit card

Hello hello, now we are going to explain how to create a Gold Credit Card using only vector images and simple text.

Step 1:

Make a new 300x200 or more pixels document and select your Rounded Rectangle Tool.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Go to the Blending Options of your "Card Layer" (Double Click under "Card" layer)

We are going to use Gradient Overlay only for the background effect:

Select the Gradient Overlay option and put the following settings:

Now click on the Gradient, we are using to dark yellows, the lighter ffcb38, and the darker 886e26.

Note: Now that you got the right color for the background of your card, maybe you should play with the "Angle" parameter on the Gradient Overlay menu, and then you will get just the right color for you.

Your Credit Card is going to look something like this:

Step 5:

Now select your Custom Shape Tool.

Now click on Shape and select the "World" shape.

Note: If you don't find the world shape and don't know how to load it just click on the Shape menu and select the little right arrow:

And select the option "All"; now it's there.

Step 6:

Now draw the world over the background, something like this:

Right Click on your new World layer, and select the Rasterize Layer option, then rename the layer "World".

Now holding Ctrl left click the "Card" layer, this will select the background shape.

Now single click on your "World" layer and press Shift + Ctrl + I (invert selection) and then press delete on your keyboard.

Your credit card is looking good uh.

On the "World" layer, put the opacity at 50%

Step 7:

Type the 16 numbers of a credit card using any square type font.

Right Click on your new text layer, and select Blending Options, we are going to use a little Bevel And Emboss and Color Overlay.

Select Bevel And Emboss and put the following settings:

Now on Color Overlay, put the following settings:

Color: #d0a534

Now write all the digits of a regular credit card using the same settings, and use little regular black text to make the other Credit Card stuff.

Step 8:

Now it's time to add the logos and images, we made ours, with the style, you can make yours using shapes, or maybe use the Visa, Master Card or American Express logos, it's up to you and your creativity. At the end of the page, you will find the some logos to use.

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