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How Can Foreigners Create Credit in the United States?

how to create credit history in usa

or in other countries, for that matter?

I recently put together a page on my blog which covers the story of my quest for a credit history. It gives some background details and links to each post with a summary. I wanted to assemble all of those posts in the same place so they can be more useful for people trying to get their own credit.

After a conversation with a friend tonight I started asking another question.

He mentioned that a coworker had bought a car for cash because he didn’t have a credit history in the States. The man was French and had plenty of credit history over there, but it didn’t transfer when he immigrated here.

I knew many things weren’t transferable when one moves, but I hadn’t even though of whether credit would or not. It makes some sense, I suppose, since they

probably use an entirely different system than FICO. And the history is harder to verify because of language and convenience barriers.

So dear readers, I’m going to throw this out to you. Are any of you immigrants to the States? US citizens who have emigrated elsewhere? Non-US immigrated to non-US? I’d love to hear how you went about establishing your finances (and particularly credit rating) in a new country and what you’d recommend others do in your situation. I’d like to collect these so that others have a better idea of what they’re facing. We can do it as an interview or as a guest post, depend on which you’d prefer.

You can contact me. or leave a comment indicating you’d like to share your experience (I’ll e-mail you, then), or even leave a super-long comment which I may or may not incorporate into a post later on.

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