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Free Tenant Credit Check Service For Landlords

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UPDATE: This article is now out of date. Unfortunately Discount Lettings no longer offers a free credit check service. Please go to the list of credit check services page for competitively priced alternatives.

The other day I came across a company called Discount Letting that is currently offering a Free Tenant Credit Check For Landlords, worth £9.47 + vat . Just to clarify, it’s ONE Credit Check per landlord.

I spoke to the Directory of the company on the phone, and as it turns out, the offer is entirely legit. All you need to do is provide your name and a few standard contact details, and the free service is yours. I also enquired how long the offer will be standing for, and he assured me that it wouldn’t be less than a year, so you don’t all need to make a rush to take advantage of the offer! Just back up and form an orderly queue, innit.

The actual credit check isn’t too shabby

either, this is what you get…

  • You’ll receive a pdf credit report on your new tenant in 24 hours.
  • Credit score for your tenant.
  • Credit score guide advising on acceptability of tenant.
  • Electoral roll database search for your tenant.
  • Other selected database search for your tenant.
  • CCJ (County Court Judgement) report on your tenant.
  • Insolvency report on your tenant.
  • Undeclared links to addresses not mentioned by your tenant.
  • Undeclared aliases not mentioned by your tenant.
  • Undeclared associates not mentioned by your tenant.
  • Notices served on your tenant.
  • Tenant previous history.
  • Tenant current address match with Royal Mail database
  • Neighbourhood definition of tenants’ current address.

You can Sign Up here.

If anyone decides to use the free service, please let me know how good/shit/efficient it is!


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