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How to Default on Your Credit Cards

how to default on credit cards

Credit card default is a predicament no one enters into purposely, that is to say, unless your intent is to file for bankruptcy. Only if your ambition is to ruin your credit and destroy your finances for years to come, follow the steps outlined in How to Default on Your Credit Cards Defaulting on your credit cards is one of the easiest things in the world to do. If you lack conscience, memory, or income, you are well on your way to succeeding. Failing to pay the minimum due, failing to pay the minimum on time, and failing to make any payment at all are the foremost methods of entering default.

Of course, once you have entered credit card default, your interest rates will likely skyrocket and your debt predicament will deepen exponentially.

After a few months, rather than receiving calls from the card companies themselves, you will receive calls from collection agencies. Your credit rating will plummet. You will no longer be able to use your cards. If your cards had high spending limits, you may find yourself tens of thousands of dollars in debt. You may not be able to get a car loan, a home loan, or even a job. You may decide to consolidate card payments, but repayment may take years and years. And if you miss a payment once the consolidation deal is set up, you will be right back where you started. In that case, bankruptcy, the blackest blot you can place on your credit record, may be your only option.

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Step 1: Prepare to Default

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