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Credit inquiry- how to remove it and rebuild your credit

how to delete credit inquiries

Hard credit inquiries are done whenever you apply for a new credit. It remains on the credit report for two years has a negative impact on your credit score as it shows how much you are credit hungry. If you do not want to keep these inquiries in your report for two years, then you may go for removing credit inquiries. For this you can try the following:

- first figure out which inquiries are coming on your way and then ask for your credit reports from the CRA's

- After getting the report, find out the addresses of your credit report inquirers and send letters to the creditors to remove credit inquiries from your report

- FCRA allows only authorized inquiries to appear on your credit report and so you can

ask them whether they have proper authorization to pull up your credit file. If they have any authorization, check the authorization that you have signed.

- If it is a deceptive and unclear authorization, you can threaten them to take the matter to the State Banking Commission if they do not

remove credit inquiries.

- Most creditors delete the inquiry as a courtesy or because they cannot verify your authorization.

It may be noted that not all credit report inquiries are removed. In this way few gets removed which will bring you to a more favorable condition.


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