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How to do a credit check on a tenant

how to do a credit check on a tenant

How Do I Get A Tenant Credit Check:

To take advantage of our services, you must have access to a fax machine or scanner.

First: Download and print our Landlord Information package (PDF format). This includes an Agreement for Service for you to complete and a Credit Check Consent form for your tenants to complete. You will also need to provide us with a scanned/emailed or faxed copy of government issued ID (preferably a drivers license) to provide proof of your identity at the time of registration. Please ensure that the image is clear.

**Please note Credit checks cannot be obtained without the tenant’s signature**

Second: Fax and or email/scan the completed Credit Check Consent form(s) to our office. You are not charged until we actually access the credit report(s) and there is no charge if we cannot locate a report for the applicant.

We will provide our Tenant Summary report to you and review the report with you verbally, if requested. Due to privacy legislation changes, we can no longer provide the detailed credit report to new landlord registrants.

We will be back to you

with the results of the credit report(s) within 24 hours (usually that same day).


For details on the credit rating system, download our Credit Ratings information sheet (PDF format)

For suggestions on how to review tenancy requests, download our Applicant Screening Recommendations (PDF Format)

To view a sample credit report and further details on the rating system, click here.

We are available evenings (5-9 pm Pacific Time) and weekends on an on-call basis for the convenience of our clients. You will need to leave a message if you require a credit report after regular office hours.

Payment can be made by VISA or MASTERCARD.


Single Person Report $33.00 + HST (applied according to landlord's province of residence)

Couples Report (Married/Common Law-residing currently at same address) $60.00 + HST (applied according to landlord's province of residence)

A volume discount of $3/single report and $6/couples report is applied when more than one credit check is performed in a calendar month

**Couples Report qualifies as one credit check for discount purposes**

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