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How to do a forensic loan audit

how to do a forensic loan audit

Forensic Loan Auditing

As the next wave of options arms, adjustable loans and high interest rate loans set to adjust there will be another large wave of homeowners who will be in dire need of help on their current loans. The market for saving peoples homes is at an all time high. Forensic Loan auditing is a great way to help contribute to giving homeowners a fighting chance against their lenders/banks. Forensic Loan Auditing consists of uncovering violations on the loan of the homeowners and compiling a report of the findings. These report will then be sent to the lender indicating the legal violations of the loan the homeower had and will give the homeowner a legal fighting change against the lender/bank. The forensic loan audit software we offer is a greay way to do forensic loan audits and uncover such violations and print out a report direct from the software.

Our Forensic Loan Audit software is intelligently designed to quote laws directly from Tila and Respa and compile a forensic loan audit report which can be sent to the lender. This report outlines the violations the lender has made in regards to the loan of the homeowner. This may boost the chances of getting a loan modification approved and may help save the clients home. Forensic loan auditing is fast becoming the next wave of in demand professional services for a new real estate market.

Forensic loan audit

is a review of the mortgage documents that relate to the mortgage. These documents include a copy of the tila statement, 1003, good faith estimate, and other documents. A forensic audit reviews these documents and checks for violations and overcharges in fees, errors, etc. A forensic loan audit report is then created with these findings. Forensic loan audits are still used today for various purposes. It is a good idea to get one if the price is right. You can obtain one for only $99 from the company below. They even allow you to resell the reports and or private label them. Forensic loan audit length varies. The report of the forensic loan audit varies in length of course. Forensic loan audit report packages from the company below only run about $99. That is a actually a really good price compared to the other companties on the market offering forensic loan audit report, and or forensic loan audit report packages. The forensic loan audit report covers the violations and give some information related to the forensic loan audit in the report.

Forensic loan audits were in great demand at one point. According to different industry experts, they have been around for decades. Although the demand obviously increased after the refi boom of the 2000s era when everyone with a blood pressure was obtaining home loans.

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