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Problem set

A problem set is a teaching tool used by many universities. Most courses in physics. math. engineering. chemistry. and computer science will give problem sets on a regular basis. They can also appear in other subjects, such as economics .

It is essentially a list of several mildly difficult problems or exercises based on material already taught, which the student is expected to solve with a full written solution. There is no further research involved, and the goal is to learn and become familiar with the material and solving typical problems. They are usually issued once every week or two weeks, and due one or two weeks later. They are usually given a low weight. between 10% and 25% of the total mark of the course for all problem sets put together, and sometimes will count for nothing if the student receives a better grade on the exam.

Many students work in groups to solve them and help get a better understanding of the material, but most professors require each student to hand in their own individual problem set. Some professors explicitly encourage collaboration, some allow it, and some explicitly disallow it or consider it cheating. Most, however, do not disallow collaboration, because they see the goal as primarily pedagogical. This is to be distinguished from larger, more important assignments, for which students are still expected to work independently.

Collaboration on problem sets has caused controversy, including a media storm around a student of Ryerson University. Chris Avenir, who started a forum on the social networking site Facebook for others to post their solutions. Despite passing the class, the professor failed him for his actions and he was recommended for expulsion, though the university faculty appeal committee overturned the recommended penalty, and gave him a zero grade for the assignments that were done through the course of the semester.


  • [ An example of a typical problem set], from MIT 's relativity (physics) class
  • :[ A list of all of the problem sets from that class], on MIT OpenCourseWare. In this case they are collectively worth 20% of the total mark.

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Question: In 35 years, you would like to have $570 000 in an annuity for early retirement. If the annual interest rate is 6.5% compounded monthly, what monthly deposit must you make?

Answers: A=P(1+(r/n))^(nt) A=final amount P=starting amount r=interest rate n=number of times per year that the interest is compounded. t=time 570,000=P(1+(0.065/12))^(12)(35) P=$58,955.07

Question: Please help. I have no idea how to go about this problem. I have the First part but cannot figure out the rest. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an annuity that is set up to save for retirement. IRAs differ from TDAs in that an IRA allows the participant to contribute money whenever he or she wants, whereas a TDA requires the participant to have a specific amount deducted from each of his or her paychecks. When Bo McSwine was 16, he got an after-school job at his parents' barbecue restaurant. His parents told him that if he put some of his earnings into an IRA, they would contribute an equal amount to his IRA. That year and every year thereafter, he deposited $900 into his IRA. When he became 21 years old, his parents stopped contributing, but Bo increased his annual deposit to $1,800 and continued depositing that amount annually until he retired at age 65. His IRA paid 7.75% interest. (a) Find the future value of the account. (Round the answer to the nearest cent.) This is the one that i got right. I got: $877136.83 (b) Find Bo's and his parents' total contributions to the account. Bo's contribution is? $ Parents' contribution is? $ Total contribution is. (c) Find the total interest. $ (d) Find the future value of the account if Bo waited until he was 18 before he started his IRA. $ (e) Find

the future value of the account if Bo waited until he was 25 before he started his IRA. $ if you could show me how to this, that would be great. thank you.

Answers: I just put the numbers into a spreadsheet and had excel add them up. However I guess you could do it by hand. for example, in part (b) the parents contributed for five years. so 5 times 900 = 4500 also there was 1800 contributed for 49 years for a total of 88200 of which 4500 was contributed by his parents so that means he put in the rest, or 83700 in part (c) - (e) you would use the same formula you had used for (a) except that you started the contributions later and did them for fewer years. (a) 877136.83 (b) 83700.004500.00 88200.00 That's if they did not contribute the year he turned 21 (c) 788936.83 (d) 752276.17 (e) 436672.65

Question: 1. Which fraction is same as 3.08? A.56/25 B.77/25 C.19/5 D.32/5 Answer: 2. David is buying a jacket that costs $20. Its on sale for 30%. If tax rate is 8%, what is the sale price including tax? Answer: 3.Which expression is equivalent to x squared with -2? A.-x squared B.-2x C.1/x squared D.1/2x Answer: 4. (1+2)(3+4)=(3+4)(1+2) A.Identity B.Distributive C.Commutative D.Associative Answer: 5. 1/3 (5/5) = 5/15 A.Multi Identity B.Distri Property C.Additive Identity D.Commutative Property Answer: 6. Which is numerical coefficent? 6w squared+4w+5 A.2 B.6 C.W squared D.4w Answer: 7. The length of the room was 2.0 45 x 10 squared cm. Which number is equivalent to this length? Final Question: Whats the sum of A and its additive inverse? A.2a B.a squared C.1 D.0 Answer: Whoever gets all right, wins 10 pts. )

Answers: some of these questions don't even make sense and/or are vague. I hope that comes from your typing them in and not from your teachers. 1. This is 5th grade math. 2. Is it on sale for 30% off of the original price or 30% of the original price? 3. x squared with -2 makes absolutely no sense i give up

Question: 1.Monica used algebra tiles to explain to her friend how factor x to the power of 2 + 3x + 2. Write out the steps she would have to use in her explanation. 2. Factor each polynomial completely. a. 7x to the power of 2 + 14 x - 21 b. 10x to the power of 2 y + 8xy to the power of 2 + 6xy c.x (x + 3) + 5 (x + 3) d. (3a to the power of 2 + 6a) + (5a + 10) thanks!

Answers: 1 x^2 + 3x + 2 = (x + 1)(x + 2) She needs two numbers that multiplied give 2 (the last term) and when added give 3 (the coefficient of x). These must be 2 and 1, hence (x + 1)(x + 2) 2a (7x + 21)( x - 1) b I'm sorry, but I just can't read this. Is it 10x^2y + 8xy^2 + 6xy If so, that is the proper way to notate it. Maybe it's 10x^2y + 8x^(2 + 6y). I don't want to solve the wrong problem. You need to learn standard notation. And don't be afraid to use parentheses even if they're not required, like (10x)^(2y) + (8xy)^2 + (6xy) c ( x + 5) (x + 3) d 3a(a + 2) + 5(a + 2)= (3a + 5)(a + 2)

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Math Problem : A hard math problem that deals with geometry. 1.)Try to Find out what the RED line is 2.)The Diameter is 10 Like My Facebook Fan Page.

The Math Problem : I had to do this video for my GTCC Middle College TV 2 class. I didn't know what to do at first, so i thought since I am making a F in Geomtery it should be on how hard math is. (LOL that is an algebra 1 question though)

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