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How to Start a Cleaning Business

How to start a cleaning business

So you want to learn how to start a cleaning business? The Janitorial Store provides all the tools and resources you need in one place so you can grow your cleaning business and help it thrive.

Running a cleaning business is not easy. We know, because we've done it twice! As owners of two commercial cleaning companies, we've been where you are and had the same challenges to overcome. After starting our second cleaning business we decided to do it better the second time around, and apply what we'd learned over the years. And the result is that we grew the second business twice as fast as the first!

That's why we started The Janitorial Store in

2005 -- to help cleaning business owners who are struggling to grow their business and who need mentors who have been where they are.

The Results You Can Expect by Joining The Janitorial Store

When you join The Janitorial Store as a member, you'll gain immediate access to proven strategies for starting, building and managing your cleaning business. You'll find a wealth of information including hundreds of janitorial and bidding forms, information-packed eBooks, how-to articles, bidding calculators, audio interviews with experts and more! Plus get discounts on training programs, DVD's, newsletters and more.

Join our community of cleaning business owners who are learning new skills, making better business decisions, using new tools and improving their results.

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