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How to do movie credits

how to do movie credits

Why do movies still have credits?

I asked my friends and none of them remembers having ever watched the credits after a movie to the end, except where the movie still continues after credits start rolling (short comic pieces or "what happened to the characters afterwards" short sequences or there was a special after-credits scene.) Anyway, none of them ever watched the credits for the sake of reading through all of the names.

In theaters, people usually just get up and leave when the credits start. I stayed several times until the very end just to see people who are talking to each other, lazing around or have fallen asleep. Nobody really was looking at the screen.

Credits seem to have become to people even less important than EULA for games and apps. They are also bloated with jobs that are remotely related to making of the movie.

There seem to be a few important messages like

"no animals were harmed" or "pure fiction" or "tricks done by professionals" to be conveyed, which can be done in just a few seconds, but these are often put in the very end of the credits.

Credits seem to have originated a long time ago when there weren't that many people involved in making a movie and most roles were important enough for people to want to find out who they were done by. And it didn't take that much time to show every job. Now everyone seems to be only interested in actors, director, composer and a few others who are usually shown in opening credits and on movie posters.

I doubt somebody would want to know who was some fourth cameraman's assistant. All these positions must only be significant to the movie-making community, which probably has easy access to that info, and I don't see why it would interest normal viewers.

Why even have credits now?

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