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How to earn credits on facebook

how to earn credits on facebook


Best Answer: I just started a couple days ago but already level 18. This is my take on the application so far.

You get one FV buck every day you log in. If this isn't enough.

At the top of the FV application window, you will see a toolbar that says Play, My Neighbors. Get More Farm Coins. Click on this option. You can either pay for your FV bucks or if you scroll beyond this you will see offers and ads that you can take advantage of to earn FV bucks.

I've done some of the free ones for other applications. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the last screen which you have to get to to earn the bucks though. It is possible and far less expensive than buying them. However, expect

lots of popup ads through out the process and after. I strongly! suggest you run an application like Spybot Search & Destroy and/or CCleaner when you are done to get rid of the cookies and all the buildup in the internet cache.

Also an FYI, the FV bucks from these are not instantaneously credited to you. It can take from an hour up to 2 days to get the bucks credited to your account so some patience is required too.

If you don't stick to the "Free" offers, be very cautious of anything that gives you a free sample but requires your credit card number. A lot of them are automatically renewing club memberships and many companies (I have learned the hard way) are difficult to get a hold of to cancel the membership.


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