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I feel as if I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and thought processes. At the beginning I felt very unsure that I would be able to complete or stick with the program for the whole twelve weeks. After a couple weeks I definitely started to feel on the top of the world as if nothing could stop me or hold me down.

I loved the high and feeling of success and that change was occurring in so many aspects of my life. As I entered in to the third cycle of the program I began to fall back into to the old thought patterns of low self-worth that I had before beginning the workouts. Through much self-reflection of the past weeks I realized I wasn’t going back to before but that this twelve

weeks was only jut the beginning of the new me, that these "after" photos were going to be my new before photos that in another 12, 20 weeks or a year from now I will look at these after photos and see how much further I have come.

I feel that this transformation has given me the much need reunion with the person I used to be before I had my first baby that the women who was fun, confident, driven and passionate was back. In fact not only was she back, but she was back with vengeance! I am very excited to see and feel the changes and how this affects me, my family and friends. As already I have had multiple people close to me come and thank me for giving them the motivation and the confidence that they too can have transformation for themself.

For this I thank you Venus Factor.

Ashby · 2 days ago

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