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How To Earn Free Credits

how to earn free credits on imvu

e invited friend has their 5th 3D chat.

When the invited friend buys Credits you earn between 1,000 and 10,000 Credits every time they buy a Pack or Avatar Name! Got a web page? If you have a social network profile page, blog, or website and so on.take part in the Power Earners Program and place your avatar information or banners on web pages. You'll earn Credits each time someone joins IMVU through your webpage

Earn Credits for being a part of IMVU Ringtones

Get thousands of IMVU credits every month when you join IMVU Ringtones. Choose from the latest hot ringtones, wallpapers and games for your mobile phone and simultaneously earn credits you can use at IMVU!

Get Credits for Your IMVU Activity

Join: When you register with IMVU you start with 1,000 free Credits in your account.

Chat: When you have your 1st 3D chat you earn 50 Credits. (The person that you first chat with also earns Credits)

Shop: When you browse our

new products page you earn an amount between 1 and 50 Credits. This is awarded once daily.

Compete: When your outfit design places in the top 6 in the Daily Outfit Challenge you win between 1000 and 5000 Credits.

Get Credits for Creating New Products!

Create: When you create new items via our creator program, your products are sold in the catalog earning you credits.

Control: You set the prices on your own items, determining how much profit you earn per sale!

Share: You can mark products you create as "derivable", which means you share them with other creators so they can make new products based on yours. And any time this new product is sold. you get paid credits!

Join: Sign up today to join the Creator Program!

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