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Free G1 Credits - A Guide for Everyone !

how to earn g1 credits

Hello everyone its me The proto How ya'll doing im working at

now you know abit about my self haha ok stright to the deal:

There is 2 global ways 2 earn G1 Credits

What is G1 Credits. G1 Credits are game money you can get by donating for gamerfirst with real money with several ways like mobile sms or paypal or bank transfer

but we are here to disguise a way to get them free with no single cent to pay. would you want it to happen. of course you do !

Way Number 1. there is a site Called Write this in google and get to first link this site is a site where u complete surveys they have to offer you and get points

those points you can use by paying like bucks for

other games its easy and no require a Credit card or no other shit.

Way number. Another way with completing surveys but its less difficult then way 1 because this you can finish in the official gamerfirst website go to

Click On a orange Button called "Get G1 Credits" there will be several things you will see the Get free G1 Credits When ur logged in And other way is the same like this but the link is located in the APB Launcher also there you can get those Free G1 Credits

This ways are very familiar for IJJI.COM Another gaming site but there you get no g1 credits but G Coins (game money) if they add more ways i will write them all

Thanks for your attention and if u succed give me a thanks.

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