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How to earn high school credits

how to earn high school credits

Things You'll Need

School supplies as required

Community Night School

Contact the local community office that primarily deals with education or night school courses.

Inquire about high school credit courses. The courses offered are often basic courses, including sciences, math, English and additional languages. Courses such as gym, art or other creative electives are often not included at night school.

Retrieve information regarding the courses available, the time slot, the prices and the requirements to enroll.

Attend each course as required and complete assignments. Once completed with acceptable grades, the credits will be recorded as being completed.

Online High School Credits

Search for an institution that offers online high school credits. Depending on the personal requirements, John Adam's Virtual School or The American Academy may be appropriate. While some online institutions offer single courses or full high school degrees, some offer GED certificates. Ensure that the institution of choice is accredited.

Check to see if the candidate fulfills the requirements. It is often a requirement that the candidate is at least 16 years

of age. It is not relevant to share information regarding the reasons why credits have not been obtained.

Fill out any forms that might be needed and provide any additional information, such as old transcripts, as required.

Pay any upfront fees or processing fees that might be required. For online institutions, there is often an enrollment fee or a course registration fee.

Enroll in courses that give the credits required upon completion. According to the American Academy, students can enroll in classes that are not offered at public high schools, such as Najavo language, sports literature, U.S. Government and citizenship and sports marketing.

Inquire about the start date. Attend every online seminar or course offered through the online institution that applies to the missing credits. Instead of face-to-face help and guidance, institutions often provide free online tutoring, chat on demand and email support.

Complete each course requirements, including homework assignments and quizzes, if applicable. Upon completion, a document will be sent to the student, stating the completion of courses and a detailed outline of the credits obtained.

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