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How to figure mortgage

how to figure mortgage

How To Figure Mortgage Refinance Costs - Mortgage Refinance Calculator

By: Rick Contrata

M ortgage refinance costs might seem a little off subject for a domain registration, web hosting and Internet marketing website like devNIC. We'll get to that in a moment, in the meantime, we'd like to let you know that what you'll also be surprised to discover is how and why mortgage refinance costs can affect your online business's bottom line. We even have a free mortgage refinance calculator for you right here on this webpage.

Y ou've probably found us because the information you're seeking is relative to your online business. Basing your business online doesn't change the fact that it's a business and although it might be web based, it still has the characteristics of any other small business. Some of the same basic rules and functions of business that apply offline are equally important online and that's why.

W e want to give the unique visitors to our website more information about how to promote and operate any type of small business whether it's online or not.

S mall business planning involves more that a marketing plan, flashy business cards, brochures and a website. You've got plenty of other items to take into consideration

like tax planning, managing your resources and controlling expenses.

T here's a good chance that your web-based business has its roots right in your home. Everybody knows that one advantage of running your online or offline business from your home is taking advantage of tax deductions like the office in your home.

Y ou're probably saying "Duh…so tell me something that I don't know." Well, for starters, did you know that the home office deduction is one of the most frequent triggers for an IRS audit of your income tax return? That means you'd better be able to justify the deduction, including an accurate accounting of the office size in relation to the total square footage of your home.

I n addition, cutting your business expenses has a dollar for dollar positive impact on your net income unlike a deduction which only gives you a percentage of the benefit. In other words, cutting expenses is like adding revenue to your bottom line. Let's look at some numbers.



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