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How to figure my credit score

how to figure my credit score

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You picked the right website to start your journey back to a positive credit score. Last June I was around 540's on my scores and now I'm 680-720's. We are going to need more info on your baddies. But generally here is what I would do:

1. Pay all current obligations on time for the amount that is due. If credit card, try to always pay more than min. due.

2. Keep reading and posting on this site as there is a tremendous amount of info here and people are very helpful. Read the stickies here for common abbreviations and general credit info.

3. Where did you pull your credit reports from and where did you get your score from? There are FAKO and true FICO scores. You want to get your FICO scores and you should had pulled your credit reports from the Free Annual Credit Report website. This will let us know what you are dealing with and it gives important information like DOFD, contact information for creditor, etc.

4. For the 3 recent paid collections, you already paid them so you cant PFD but I would contact them by phone and send a letter requesting a GW removal from your CR's. Are these collections medical in nature or just ordinary bills? Look up the names of the CA's here and see how other people have been successful in getting things removed.

4a. Read up on PFD and if the old collections are valid, negotiate PFD with those unpaid collections.


Charge Offs - Contact the lenders and see if you can PFD on them. If not, I would pay them and then ask for GW deletion.

6. Get a secured credit card - popular ones are Cap1, Bank of America, and NFCU/USAA (if you can join those credit unions).

7. Since you do not have any open credit cards reporting your current UTIL is at 100% (maybe higher with CO and CA's). This is killing your score. Prior to getting your own secured credit card, you said that your soon to be husband has impeccable credit. I would ask him to put you on as an Authorized User (AU) on his oldest credit card that has a high credit limit, low utilization and perfect payment history. Tell him you dont need to have the actual card just to have him list you as an AU on the account. This will help your AAoA, UTIL and payment history.

8. We need particular information on your other baddies. Which lenders have are reporting your current and old student loans? What are the exact baddies (30/60/90 day lates, etc)? How old are the lates? Are you current with your student loans? Are you eligible for rehabilitation program?

9. Be patient - It took a whileto mess up your credit and it can take some time to repair it. You will get there but it will take a change in your past credit behaviors. Ive made the changes and I know you can too.

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