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Alabama Unemployment Benefits

how to figure unemployment benefits

Did your employer pay unemployment taxes ("Covered Employment")?

Did you earn at least $ 2314 in the base period in

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Alabama Unemployment Questions

How much can I receive each week?

Benefits per week range from a minimum of $45.00 to a maximum of $265.00* calculated using your base period earnings. On the day after you file your claim, a form is mailed to you (monetary determination) that states all of your base period wages by employer and the total and weekly amount to which you may be entitled.

What will happen if I draw unemployment benefits while I am working?

You may be charged with an overpayment of unemployment benefits which you will have to repay before any further or future benefits can be paid to you. You may also be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits. If you are working and drawing benefits, it will be discovered through a periodic audit of your unemployment claim for benefits. Your claim for unemployment benefits may be audited, even after your claim ends. Your claim is audited by comparing any weeks in which you were paid benefits with any wages reported by your employer during the same time period.

Can I receive benefits during all of my benefit year?

Generally, you have up to 26 weeks of eligibility depending on how much you have earned in your base period. If you return to work of if you have deductible income for any week, you may draw more or less than 26 weeks. The total amount that you can draw for the year is the maximum benefit amount shown on your monetary determination.

What if I have work in another state?

When you contact the call center, a representative can file your claim against another state (unless that state operates their own call center) or determine if you need to combine all of your wages from several states to file a claim. You will need to be prepared to discuss the last 18 months work history for this information to

be correct. The call center representative is trained to help you decided what type of claim will benefit you the most. In some cases, you will be given an option on which claim/s you decide to file.

What are Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) Benefits?

TRA benefits are a weekly allowance which may be paid to eligible workers following the exhaustion of their regular Unemployment Compensation benefits. This is usually the same amount as the UC payment in effect or established by the first separation from employment

What is the Waiting Week and will I receive payment for it?

A Waiting Week is an unpaid period following the 13th compensable week of Unemployment Compensation payments. Therefore, no benefits for the 14th payable week of benefits will be issued even though a certification is required for that period. However, you may be paid your full maximum benefit amount should you remain unemployed and continue to claim subsequent weeks and meet all eligibility requirements.

Can I have Federal withholding taxes taken out of my unemployment payments?

Yes, you can have Federal Withholding taxes withheld at the current rate of 10%.

What To If You Return To Work And Become Unemployed Again?

You should reopen your claim as soon as you become unemployed, either via Internet at or by calling the claims line at 866-234-5382. Do not wait to receive your last paycheck. Remember. Your claim cannot be backdated. Your most recent employer will be notified that you have filed a claim for benefits and will be requested to provide information as to why you are no longer employed.

Basic Eligibility Criteria to Claim Benefits in AL

You must have insured wages in at least two quarters of your base period in order to qualify for unemployment benefits. The base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before the week you call to file an initial claim application for a new benefit year. Wages paid to you during your base period are used to determine if you have enough wages to qualify for a claim and to calculate how much you can be paid in benefits.

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