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How to file for unemployment benefit

how to file for unemployment benefit

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How to File for Unemployment? Tips and Tricks

Filing for unemployment is an option given to citizens who are without a job. It is a benefit given by the government to unemployed citizens, so that their basic needs are satisfied. The times they are changing. We see more and more situations where the world goes into economic depression and leaving the common people in a financial turmoil. But, we do have an option to file unemployment claims and stay afloat in our tough times.

Where to file an Unemployment Claim?

Such claims can be filed either online or by calling the Government helpline.

The unemployment claims can be filed in the state which you have been working or a different state. You can contact the claims department of that state and get the relevant information. It is always a good idea to personally visit the unemployment claims office and find out the details from there. One thing that you would always need while filing unemployment claims are the documents that support your residence, age proof and citizenship, driver’s license and your previous employer. Any and every detail that would help the government identify you would be of consequence.

Get ready for a thorough background check

The government would perform a background check on you and decide if you are eligible for the unemployment claims. They would want to know everything about why you were terminated from your current employment. You cannot afford to have a Criminal Record, DUI etc.

You are not eligible for unemployment benefit claims if you have been expelled from the organisation because of personal mistakes committed or if you have left the organisation on your own accord.


quick overview on filing for unemployment claims

Claiming unemployment claims is a systematic process where you will have your identity and will be given a username and password, which is unique for each user. There are a few basic steps that you need to follow when you file for unemployment claims:

  • Determine if you are eligible for getting unemployment claims or not.
  • Make sure all the paperwork is in place as mentioned above.
  • There are many channels through which you can apply; choose the best and the quickest one and get started.
  • Make sure you enrol to the unemployment claims office in your state as they can help you get a job, streamline your CV and other such services.
  • Make sure you file for timely unemployment claims. Some pay weekly and some pay bi-weekly.
  • In case your presence is required at unemployment claims office, then try to adhere to their schedule.
  • Be on the lookout for a job.

Unemployment claims are for people from various walks of life; Federal Employees, Ex Servicemen, Disaster Unemployment, Trade Readjustment etc. The benefits that you can get from unemployment claims would differ from state to state.

Some give you benefits up to 7 weeks while some give you benefits up to 33 weeks. Offices would like you to get a job as soon as possible because unemployment claims are a liability to the government. Another concern for citizens who file unemployment claims is that these claims are taxable under the tax reforms of 1986. Hence unemployment claims must be documented properly and filed. This was a primer on how to file for unemployment claims and you can get more information from the respective state office.

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