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VIDEO: How Can I Repair My Credit Report by Myself

how can i repair my credit myself

Hey guys it's Jason Wheeler here and in today's video tutorial lesson I'm going to teach you three specific strategies that you can use to fix your credit report all by your self.

Most people procrastinate and put things off when it comes to their credit report but the fact is is that if you have negative items reflecting on your credit report from the three credit bureaus they will follow you around forever until you take action to have those items removed.


In this day and age and with the recent economy bust almost everybody has some form of credit issues. Most people either have a short sale if Foreclosure or a bankruptcy and in my opinion if you don't have any of those items then you're probably not taking enough rest good life right?

In this video I'm going to show you how you can fix your credit report yourself remove negative items removed late payments and sometimes even remove desk that you actually already owe. I'm also going to show you when you're fixing your credit how to get to the decision-makers that can help you make a difference I'm going to

show you how to put together a goodwill or a hardship letter for your creditors and I'm also going to show you how to negotiate a current balance down for what you owe in some cases I have been able to negotiate a payoff of more than one third of what was owed

There is one part of the video where I will show you proof on how I had a student loan reduced and paid off for 39% of what the current balance actually was.

I will also show you a case where I had a mortgage hundred percent forgiven that's right I had a mortgage loan hundred percent forgiven for one of the people that I work with. And I will show you proof.

I will also provide you downloadable templates and letters that you can sense your creditors in order to dispute and resolve any negative items that are reflecting on your credit report.

If anything in this post helped you.

I always value great networking opportunities .  Please reach out to me and say hello.  Look for me on Facebook and send me a request via LinkedIn too.


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