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How to find a place to live with bad credit

how to find a place to live with bad credit

Is the US a bad place to live?

I was a landlord in Denver up until a few months ago. I always ran a credit check, but as the owner, I had the discretion to use other factors to determine whether someone qualified to rent from me. I know people have bad credit but need a place to live. I've had great tenants who had bad credit due to divorce or bankruptcy. I applied other criteria like proof of income and rental history to make my decisions.

When you rent from property managers or apartments, the people working there don't have this discretion. They have to follow preset guidelines established by the owner (I also used to work for a property management company). Their not bad people, they jsut have to follow the rules to keep their jobs.

What was most important to me as a landlord was that you had the deposit and that you had proof of income. If you can't produce these two things, you will most likely

not be able to pay the rent each month.

Make sure you have a job and that you have a month's worth of paychecks to prove how much you make. You should expect that you will need to make 3x your monthly rent in monthly income from your job. If you make $2k a month, you should probably only rent a place that costs $650 a month. If you can't do that, you probably will be short on the rent each month.

As a landlord, I want two things from tenants: 1. pay the rent in full and on time every month without me having to ask you for it and 2. return the unit to me in the same condition it was in when you moved in.

If you are looking for private owners - use craigslist and look for listings that don't look like they were put up there by an apartment community or property management company.

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