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Can I get my credit repaired faster?

how can i repair my credit quickly

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There are occasional advanced tactics that allow us and others to repair credit very quickly, the most recent tactic was something called CreditSweep. The credit sweep tactic allowed us to remove EVERY negative item on a credit report almost 80% of the time within 30 days. This tactic’s effectiveness has been greatly reduced since it first came out. We are currently seeing about a 5% success rate when using this tactic.

This means that this tactic still works but we decided not to “sell” it based on the success of just 5% of the clients, we do include this tactic in our pay after deletion program but because it is so rare we don’t consider it a real effective tactic anymore.

This means with regards to speed there

are no programs currently available that can get you results as quick as 30 or 60 days, our program will sometimes sees good results in a short time period but getting 50% of items off in 60 days doesn’t mean you will be able to do anything with your credit anyway.

I will warn you that there are still people selling the quick 30-60 day CreditSweep and claiming it will work, but they don’t tell you it only works on 5% of people, they can even show you proof (from the 5%) or it might have worked for a friend (from the 5% also) but the likelihood of it working the same for you is extremely low. We recommend being very careful and ask them to offer you the service on a pay after deletion basis.

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