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How can I fix my bad credit and raise my bad credit score?

how to fix bad credit for free

Of course you can! Credit Repair is not Brain Surgery. It just takes a bit of time, pereseverance and a fair knowledge of the laws

And by the way: everything a credit repair clinic can do for you, you can do for yourself at little or no cost.

The information provided in our site and our program will help you fix ERRORS on your credit report and clean up "questionable" items.

While no one can legally remove accurate negative information from a credit report, the law does allow you to request a reinvestigation of information in your file that you dispute as inaccurate or incomplete.

Here is the good news: it is perfectly legal to challenge ANYTHING on your credit report. There's no charge for requesting an investigation.

The whole key to the credit repair procedure is that if the credit bureaus cannot verify information on your credit report they must remove it immediately. For instance, if a credit bureau cannot contact a collection agency which is reporting a collection on your report, they cannot verify

the information, and the credit bureau must delete the entry.

Do I need Credit Repair Software to clean and fix my credit?

No, you certainly don't, but it can be a time saver, expecially if you have many disputes to keep organized.

What Credit Repair Software is the best?

program is the most powerful and

100% Legal Credit Repair:

Credit Doctor Software is co-written by Attorneys, to use the credit laws to YOUR advantage. working with all three major bureaus, EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN and TRANSUNION.


79% of all credit reports do contain errors. according to consumer reports.

By law, all unverified credit information must be removed from your credit report.

Restored credit will qualify you for cars, credit cards, loans, mortgage and refinance at the lowest rates.

Bad Credit will cost you thousands of dollars.

Order our credit software now and get a fresh start

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