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How to Sign Up for Netflix WITHOUT a Credit Card (Solutions!)

How to Sign Up for Netflix WITHOUT a Credit Card

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By Savio Kal - March, 29th 2014

You’re probably reading this article to find out if there is a way to sign up for Netflix without a credit card. The simple answer is there is no way (currently)  to register for an account with the movie and TV show streaming service without a credit card or PayPal. You will need either one of these payment methods to sign up.

Don’t be discouraged by these limitations because there are various other ways to sign up for Netflix without a credit card.

Common Problems

The problem is that most users would like to try Netflix by using the 30 day free trial without entering in any credit card information.

No matter what, you will need some type of payment method to create an account and access the service. If you are reading this article it most likely due to the fact that you don’t have a credit card or you don’t want to use it. Some online users are very anxious about entering any type of banking information other than on their financial institution website. You may be one of the many millions of people that feel this way.

Paypal can also be used to buy a subscription to Netflix as well, but you may not know how to use PayPal. You may not know how to connect your bank account to Paypal or how to add funds.

The most likely reason you are seeking a solution to sign up for Netflix without a credit card is that you don’t want to forget when the free trial ends and get charged for the monthly subscription fee. This is a common problem when it comes to free trial offers. Users who sign up for a service with a free trial may forget to cancel their subscription before the trial period ends. If they don’t, they will see  a subscription fee on their monthly bill.

Solutions to access Netflix without a Credit Card

Netflix Gift Card – not only do they make a nifty present for any occasion but they can also be used to watch Netflix entertainment without entering any type of financial information. You can purchase these gift cards straight from Netflix or you can buy the gift subscription from CardHub. You can also pick

up Netflix gift cards from your local CVS, Walmart or Target.

Debit Card – many people forget that they can use their debit card to make purchases online, whether it be a physical item or a subscription to a service. All new debit cards can be used online to pay for anything. You can find out whether or not your debit card can make online purchases by taking a look at it. If your debit card has a logo of credit company such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express it most likely valid to make purchases online.

PayPal – if you’re not familiar with PayPal, that’s no problem. Learning how to use their banking service is simple and straightforward. PayPal is the safest way to make online payments. It acts as your virtual wallet. Luckily, Netflix accepts PayPal as a payment method. I would suggest you sign up for PayPal since I’m sure you will be using it for more than paying for a subscription to Netflix. – on this site you will see a list of credit card numbers that can be used for testing purposes. These are obviously fake credit card numbers and cannot be used to buy anything. However, in some cases Netflix does not validate your card immediately so you can use their services with the free trial offer. What this means is that the fake credit card you add when you sign up for an account will not be validated immediately. As long as you enter in proper digits you can start your free trial with no issues. This method works less than half of the time . Please keep in mind that you will not be able to continue to use Netflix if the card gets validated at the end of the 30 day period.

What you can’t use to sign up for Netflix

Now that you know the various solutions to sign up for Netflix without a credit it should be noted there are other forms of payment that aren’t accepted. Visa gift cards cannot be used along with prepaid debit cards. Prepaid debit cards are different from regular debit cards since they must be refilled with funds whenever it is depleted. These forms of payment are not accepted because they may not have the proper amount money in their accounts.

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