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How to fix my credit to buy a house

how to fix my credit to buy a house

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Obtain your credit report from Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. Check all three reports for accuracy. Call all companies which have listed information you believe is incorrect. Request the name of the person you are speaking with, explain that the information is incorrect and request he remove the information from your credit report. Document the name of the person and details of the conversation. Fill out a letter of dispute addressed to each credit reporting bureau listing the incorrect information, with details of how the information is incorrect, and mail it by certified mail to each bureau if the company refuses to correct the error. Send a copy of the letter to the involved company.

Call all remaining businesses listed on your credit report that

show currently overdue, delinquent or unpaid accounts or liens. Make payment arrangements and ask how quickly they can show your account is current. Explain why the payment was late or unpaid and see if they are willing to remove the negative comments from your credit rating.

Check the balances on all your open credit card or revolving charge accounts. Pay them to below 50 percent of the credit limit. Resist applying for any new loans or credit, because to do this lenders and credit companies will run a credit check, and numerous inquiries on your credit report will lower your credit rating.

Keep all payments on any credit accounts and loans current. Pay all bills on time. Keep as much money as possible during this period in your bank account.

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