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How to generate credit card number

how to generate credit card number


I can only hope you misspoke when using the terms "find" and "generate" - and I've see the cautions to you about generating one, so. enough said.

The "prepaid card" idea might work, check to see if e-bay will accept it before doing it. If they do and you don't mind the draw backs of such cards, go to your bank/credit union and ask for a secured "credit" card (the prepaid card) - down side to this type is you must have the cash already. For example for a $500 spending limit you must have $500 on depoist to "secure" the credit line. If you default (don't pay) they close the account and use that money to cover your balance due.

This is often used for those with no credit history or very bad credit history due to default/late payment history. Then tend to have high interest rates.

However - even with no credit history, ask your bank/credit union for a "normal" type credit card (unsecured). Talk with one

of the account reps, tell them you would like a low spending limit (say $300-600).

If they ask why, be honest and say that you want to build some credit history, that you want to use e-bay and want to limit yourself and protect yourself in case the CC# is ever stolen from the website.

This is an answer that is a display of responsible behavior - banks/credit unions like that and the account reps will be more interested in helping.

Some banks/cu's have a min limit, others do not, if uncomfortable with the min limit, go elsewhere.

Just helped my 17yr nephew with this process - the answer/reason noted above is the one he gave (without any pre-coaching/advice on my part). The acct rep was very happy to help after that (had been more a "doing her job" to listen before that)

Watch the interest rates. and don't be late with payments or default - both will damage your credit history.

charlie_2you · 9 years ago

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