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How To Get A Business Loan With Bad Credit

how to get a business loan with bad credit

August 16, 2011

Can you get a business loan with BAD CREDIT? Alternative Funding.

Well, I have been in business for a while and a banker for a while and there is always one hindrance for business owners…NOT ENOUGH CAPITAL. However, with record foreclosures, businesses shutting their doors and consumers clutching onto their handbags what can you do? QT Business Solutions writes business plans for business owners seeking capital and we have found that business owners need capital for one of a few things: advertising, payroll or equipment. It like the chicken or the egg though because you need money to do some forms of advertising and you need money to buy equipment but you also need equipment to perform your service and you need advertising to get some customers. What can you do if you are struggling to stay in business and you need some cash now and you don’t have the best credit score in the world?


1. Do a business plan or get one done. If you need assistance with that contact us at www, (that’s my shameless plug) Many microloan lenders—(government funding – which requires NO Minimum credit score to get approved) require a business plan as a requirement to apply as a part of the loan application package.

2. You

can also factor your receivables. If you have a contract with a larger company or with a municipality then you may be able to sell your contract at a discount. Your personal credit will have nothing to do with you getting the loan as they are paying you up front for a contract that you have with a larger company which pays you. (Example: Fed Ex drivers are not employees of Fed Ex, however, they are independent contractors. Fed Ex pays its drivers through their companies or to the individual as 1099. The drivers generally get a contract for a certain route and is guaranteed a certain amount of deliveries over a period of time given the driver is punctual. The driver can choose to sell that receivable that will pay out over the year at a discount to a factoring company.)

3. There is also credit card processing cash advance loans. If your company has a certain volume of credit cards receivables charged every month… you can opt to get a lump sum against your future credit card receivables.

Of course, the last 2 types of financing options are very expensive if you have a solid plan to increase sales with an aggressive ad campaign or hire a top sales closer, it may be worth the expense.

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