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How to Get a Free Cell Phone Contract with Bad Credit

how to get a cell phone with bad credit

Cell phones are no longer considered a luxury. For many people they have become a necessity. In fact more consumers are ditching their landlines to rely solely on the convenience of new and improved cell phones and cell phone contracts. If you have bad credit, you might think that you would never qualify for a cell phone contract. This is not necessarily the case. It might be challenging, but there are a few ways you can get a cell phone contract regardless of bad credit.

Cell phone companies have become much more forgiving of bad credit than they used to be. They want your business and may be willing to overlook a few minor discrepancies. Some cell phone companies will be willing to give you a chance even if you have less than perfect credit and will often provide you with a free cell phone contract.

If your credit is really damaged, you may not have much bargaining power. After all, cell phone companies are running a business and need to be assured that you will pay them. Some cell phone companies will start customers with bad credit out by requesting a deposit. The deposit amount will vary from company to company, and will depend on just how bad your credit really is. It could be as high as 1000 dollars or as low as 300 dollars. The deposit is an incentive for you to pay your bill each month. If you miss a month, you forfeit the deposit.

Some cell phone companies provide prepaid cell phones with a month to month cell

phone contract for customers with bad credit. As long as you make timely payments each month, these free cell phone contract plans can even help improve your credit rating over time.

Another option for customers with bad credit who need cell phones is to buy one from a local retail store like Wal-Mart or Radio Shack. You don't need good credit or even a credit history to get these phones. You buy minutes for the phone, and when you run out you can buy more. Some phones require you to buy extra minutes from the store, while others allow you to purchase extra minutes from the company's website for convenience.

T his option does not involve a cell phone contract and even though prepaid cell phones operate just like any other cell phone, they usually have restrictions with roaming and long distance. You should check carefully before you purchase. Cell phones without contracts will not help you build up your credit rating either. That's something to consider before you buy.

Even customers with bad credit can take advantage of cell phone companies like Metro PCS that offer a flat monthly rate where you can talk and text as much as you like. There are no contracts, activation fees, or credit checks involved. Customers pay one monthly rate and can pay extra for additional features like Mobile Internet. The phones that must be purchased are reasonably priced. These plans even offer discount family plans for additional phone lines. This can be the best option for customers with bad credit seeking a cell phone plan.

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