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How to get a credit card number

how to get a credit card number

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Determine which category of Visa card best suits your individual or business needs. Visa cards are issued to people and companies, and there are dozens of different types available, each with their own rate of interest, charges and special offers.

Prioritize the main features that you need. Perhaps you are after a card that gives you cash back. As of March 2011, the Chase Freedom Visa Card gives you 5% cash back on gas, home improvement and department store buys. If you like to travel, the all-new Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card lets you accumulate points toward free flights. The Capital One Business Platinum card gives 1% cash back on all purchases. Other reward and loyalty programs allow you to accumulate points toward free gifts or discounts on goods or services.

Read consumer guides and independent websites that summarize the pros and cons of each credit card and provide expert reviews and impartial advice. Websites like "Credit Card Guide" and "Card Ratings" give a brief synopsis of each and highlight the fees, promotional offers and loyalty programs available.

Compare the interest rates, annual charges and account fees for the credit cards you like. Many issuers offer interest-free periods or other

promotional offers to entice customers, but the interest rates can often skyrocket once these offers end.

Apply online by filling out an application form via the website of your bank or financial services provider. Answer all the questions honestly and check that your personal details are correct to avoid your application being rejected or flagged for possible fraud.

Visit your local bank and fill out a form in the branch, if you prefer not to use a website or if you don't have Internet access. Make an appointment with the bank's financial adviser and seek the adviser's professional opinion if you are unsure about which card you want. You may need to provide photo identification.

Respond to credit card applications mailed to your address, if the cards' interest rates, fees, and reward programs fit your needs. Fill out the application form in full, sign and post it to the card issuer's processing center.

Check your card thoroughly for damage when it arrives at your residential or business address. Sign the back of the card immediately and ensure your name is spelled correctly. The card will usually come with instructions to call a toll-free number in order to authorize the card before you can begin using it.

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