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How to get a crisis loan

how to get a crisis loan

If they won't help you and you are desperate then I'm sorry but I would definitely do some ''off the books'' work. You get cash straight away. And I know you said that you are worried about being caught but I know so many people who do this all the time and have never been caught.

You said that you are not receiving any benefits so you can't get into any serious trouble, because it is not benefit fraud.

The issue would be the fact that you are not paying tax- but seriously what choice do you have right now?

Work that you can do cash in hand- includes working in a cafe or a restaurant as a kitchen assistant or waiter/waitress. A cafe would be your best bet- because the staff come and go that often they usually don't bother to put people on the books.

If you have a car one of the best cash in hand jobs you can do is delivery driving for a takeaway- you

can earn pretty good money cos you get tips from customers and sometimes petrol money. There is less chance you will be caught as you are just driving around.

I know this is a bit naughty but they are not really helping you right now, and when bills are due you can't escape them- you can't wait to get a job on the books and then wait till you get paid.


you said you are having trouble cos of the boiler- if you need a shower then you can go 'swimming' at a local centre but just use the shower- I know someone that did this when they were having their bathroom decorated and had no bath or shower.

EDIT- seriously consider the cash in hand work - if you do get 'caught' just say you have started there that week and you are sorting the paper work out with your boss- again I know people who have done that too.

Lindsay A · 7 years ago

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