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Can I remove a default from my Credit File

how to get a default removed from your credit file

Vagabond_UK said: 9th June 2011 13:59:PM

Can I remove a default from my Credit File

A few years ago, I had a basic bank account with Abbey (now Santander) which I wrongly assumed had been closed. However, after a bank charge on the account, it slipped into unauthorised overdraft and began to accrue a negative balance.

After the arrears had reached Ј100 Abbey passed the account to Moorcroft, registered a default on my credit file and from there I repaid the outstanding balance at an agreed sum each month. It was cleared in March this year, and having checked my credit report I saw that there was seemingly a Ј10 arrears still marked.

I've queried this with Abbey who say the account is clear and they will mark the default as satisfied. But I would like to know if I could have

it removed?

The account in question wasn't a credit-bearing account; ie, there was no overdraft attached to the account, no cheque guarantee or any other facility - simply a basic account with a debit card to use at ATMs and shops. Nothing else. As such I don't see how such an account can come under jurisdiction of a credit agreement and such affect my credit report. Plus, i can't recall ever having received a default notice from Abbey regarding the account.

The default wasn't for a huge amount of money - Ј130. But it was registered in June 2009, so won't drop off my report until 2015.

Is there anything I can do to try and have Abbey remove the default, or am I stuck with it until it drops off on its own? What effect will a satisfied default have on my getting credit in the future?

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