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How to get a free iPod, free Wii, free XBOX 360, or free PS3 without a credit card!

The easy, scam-free way to get great gifts 100% for free!

Most "free iPod" and "free PS3" sites require that you try out a product or service in order to get your freebie, and this usually involves giving out your credit card information. The reason for this is that your freebie is earned through the offers

that you and your referrals complete. But what if you don't have a credit card, or you don't want to give out your credit card information?

There's a whole new kind of freebies on the internet called "non-cc" or "no-cc" freebies where you can get a free iPod, free nintendo wii, free playstation 3, or free xbox 360 without ever giving out your credit card information. How do these sites work?

Non-cc freebies are pretty much the same as regular freebies (see our How to Get Freebies page). You complete an

offer and refer some friends, and then your freebie is sent to you completely 100% free of charge (even shipping is included!). The difference is the type of offers that are available.

On non-cc sites, you don't have to use your credit card to complete an offer. Here are some examples of the offers you might see on a non-cc site:

  • Sign up for free ringtones on your cell phone
  • Request information about college applications
  • Fill out a short survey
  • Enter a contest to win a prize

As you can see, these are all easy and risk-free, so you can get your free iPod touch or free console without any hassles!

Check out the following great No Credit Card Required Freebie sites, these are the best legitimate sites we've found!

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