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How to Get a Free Ps3! No Credit Card Required! 100% Free and Safe!

How do you get a Free PS3, valued at over $400? Well, it's easy. Sign up, complete an offer and refer your friends.

This is called a Freebie. The offers YOU complete and the offers YOUR REFERRALS complete, will cover the cost for shipping the prize and the prize itself.

Of course, the more you want, the more you have to earn it!

That still doesn't answer your question? Is it a scam? No. Defenitely no. I'll give you proof.

If you go on YouTube, and type in "Freepay Proof" (Freepay is the company that gives you Free PS3's), you'll probably get unboxing video's, news channel videos showing proof and people showing you websites of the company.

And YouTube has about half the population going on the site! If you don't go on YouTube, you should.

Now here are the steps to getting your Free PlayStation 3

1. Sign up. Be sure to click the link at the BOTTOM. This is to ensure that you have signed up. And be sure to put REAL information. If you don't believe in the site, then don't sign up. If you want

to get the PS3 shipped to your house, and not another house, put your house's information. And be sure to put a real e-mail address.

2. Complete offers. Now I know, your thinking you'll need a Credit Card. Right? WRONG! I'm hear, telling you that you can get your Free PS3 with No Credit Card Required! Yes, as long as you have a Cellphone, you'll be perfectly fine. All you do is join one of these cellphone required offer sites, put your real cellphone in, and you'll get a PIN code. You'll need that PIN code for confirming your cellphone!

(NOTE: You can always stop getting ringtones - the offer you need to do - by texting STOP to the sender)

3. Once you have completed your offers, you have to refer friends. Referring friends is not hard, but it take's a lot of patience.

Here are some idea's of getting people to sign up under you:

  • Make a YouTube video with your link on the description
  • Trade Referrals with others on freebie forums (Calistyle101)
  • Ask your parent's to talk with their workmate's

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