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How to get a guitar center credit card

how to get a guitar center credit card

Guitar Center Credit Card

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Guitar Center is a one-stop shop for musicians everywhere. What’s more, Guitar Center sells every musical instrument and accessory imaginable.

Buying musical instruments and accessories can get expensive. Guitar Center offers two forms of financing, layaway or the Guitar Center Credit Card. Compare other credit card offers today!

The Guitar Center Credit Card is a department store or retail credit card. which means it will have a higher interest rate than Visa or MasterCard. One of the reasons that the rate is higher is because the card is easier to qualify for than a card that can be used anywhere.

The Benefits of the Guitar Center Credit Card

Music equipment is expensive, so having an alternative way to pay for it can be very beneficial for those that are serious about their craft.

Guitar center offers a 6-month same as cash offer for all new purchases. The interest accrues at 21.9%; you won’t be charged if you pay it off before the 6-months are up. This isn’t an introductory offer, it applies

to any purchases that you make at every visit.

For the Gibson Epiphone, Avid M-Audio and all Yamaha equipment, you qualify for 12 months same as cash for all new purchases.

There is no annual fee for the Guitar Center Credit Card, although this is normal. What is unusual is that the interest rates are a bit lower than what you would expect from a department store card.

What to Consider Before Applying for the Guitar Center Credit Card

Interest rates can add up quickly. Don’t make a purchase assuming that you will find a way to pay off the card before the no interest rate period is over. If you can’t afford payments with the interest, then this isn’t the card for you.

Like a department store card, it won’t hold as much weight on your credit report as a Visa or a MasterCard will. This is in part due to the fact that it is easier to get this type of retail credit card than other reward credit cards .

The Guitar Center Credit Card Bottom Line

There is no doubt that the 0% APR is an excellent option for buyers, especially if you feel that you can pay off the card before the time expires. This, however, is not a regular credit card, so if you are looking for a card you can use anywhere, compare other credit card offers and see what options you have today!

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