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Millions of Americans have been rejected for a home mortgage loan because they have little or no credit. BCLM will match you with lenders offering no credit mortgages for first time home buyers seeking financing. If you are looking to buy a new home but have bad or no credit, then you have found the right lender to help you get financed. Get matched with a lending source that specializes in "no credit mortgage" financing that include affordable interest rates. Whether you want to buy a new home or get cash out from a refinance loan, our lending network can connect you with the mortgage companies that take risks with no credit home mortgage opportunities. The recent government stimulus bills set aside money to help struggling homeowners and less fortunate people in an effort to boost homeownership and salvage the housing markets. If you want to buy a house, but are afraid to apply because you have limited or no credit, it's time to reconsider. Learn more about loan companies that recently expanded several no credit home financing products for people with a range of credit profiles.

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Take advantage of no credit loan programs that present new home financing opportunities. There are new programs for first time home buyers to get the opportunity to become a homeowner with a flexible no credit mortgage. Believe it or not, you may be eligible for one of the new no credit loan programs that were designed for first time homebuyers. Learn how to get approved today for an affordable low rate mortgage

from some of America's most trusted lenders online.

We are proud to match you with some of the few no credit mortgage lenders that have introduced several unique purchase loans for the military that requires no down-payment and flexible credit requirements. You will find that limited and no credit mortgages are not encouraged by most home finance companies. In fact most traditional lending companies are looking for 3 to 5 trade lines that have been active for more than three years. We suggest that you compare no credit check mortgage solutions online. OurВ 100% home loan В with no credit does not have mandatory trade lines. Today several lending companies still offer no credit home loans under the following programs: FHA, USDA, VA, FNMA and several other private money sources.

There is no fee to apply online and no obligation! Not everyone will be approved for a limited credit mortgage, but all people are encouraged to get more information.

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Conforming loan amounts are quoted up to $417,000 for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs. Conforming-Jumbo rates may vary by zip code, so you will need to speak directly to the loan company to achieve pricing accuracy. FHA loan amounts vary based on geographical location as well.

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