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How can you get free imvu credits

how can you get free imvu credits

Free IMVU Credits and MORE

Wow! Do you absolutely hate having to buy credits for IMVU. or Lindins for Secondlife. or

Peds for Entropia? I did, until I learned about this awesome website. It gives you free IMVU

credits, or peds, or lindins. It is 100% scam free and hack free. You do NOT have to give this

website your password. All you give them is your avatar name, and then earn points! Once you

get 200+ points, you can cash them in to get your money for the game that you play. If you have

imvu, you can save 8000 points, and get a free avatar name, 7000 for a name change token,

and 10,000 for 1 month VIP free! Or, you can save 10,000 points for other things like.

1.) An Acclaim game card good. 10$ card.

2.) $10 Gaia card.

3.) $10

Stardoll card.

4.) $10 Zwinky card.

5.) $10 Habbo card (Habbo hotel if you don't know)

6.) $10 Nexon Card.

7.) $10 Kaneva Card.

8.) $10 Three Rings card.

9.) $10 Neopets card.

10.) Save 6000 points for a $6 Club Penguin card

You play games, do contests, free offers, and tasks to earn points. Well ,I hope I can get you to join this site! Thank a bunch.

Oh and before I forget, you can make points by playing games, the free offers, the tasks, OH! And referring other people! Thanks. The link to the website is under this text.

this website is 100% safe and can be trust by all means! I would not post this if it wasn't. I am just a teenage girl trying to get more people onto the site. THANK!

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