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How to get a start up business loan

how to get a start up business loan

Use any of our trusted tools to help you figure out what loan is best for you.

“When you’re running a practice and buying a building at the same time, you need people you can trust..” Deb Telles

“The bank and CDC were amazing. Their teamwork exceeded my expectations and they bought into our dreams..” Salvador Garcia

Graphicom Digital

“With interest rates low and building costs rising, the timing seemed right to buy our own building..” Randy Mintz


Z Sports

“I partnered with CDC because they have the expertise to provide immediate answers for my clients..” Richard Willner

Business Community Capital

“The people at CDC held our hands as we walked through the SBA process..” Gurchuran “Gogy” Sandher


Saagar Fine Cuisine

“My bank suggested SBA-504 financing because of the low down-payment, which allowed me to save my cash for the business..” Jim Tankersley



“I use the 504 program because it’s good for my clients. I use CDC Small Business Finance because they’re reliable and provide excellent service..” Lan Ward

Senior Vice President

California Bank & Trust

“CDC was the key to us getting what we consider a ‘killer’ deal. CDC staff were honest, straightforward and always quick to respond..” Randy Ling Tan

General Manager

G.L. Food Wholesales

“CDC Small Business Finance provided a turnkey solution and timely service..” Brett Noss

Chief Financial Officer

“We were confident in our business plan and put our faith in the high-energy people at CDC..” Kayla Sharp

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